Feel Better With Stillwater Migraine & Headache Solutions

Are you tired of waking up with a pounding headache? If so, we have some good news for you. With a simple oral appliance, Dr. Sara Cody offers migraine and headache solutions in Stillwater. An appliance offers you all these benefits:

  • Proven method for treating headaches
  • Pain relief without medication or side effects
  • Reduced teeth grinding that can damage your tooth enamel
  • Feeling more refreshed and ready to face the day upon awakening

Get the relief you deserve by calling Lift Dental today at 651-372-8444 to schedule a consultation. Our friendly dental office is open five days a week for your convenience.

Stop Grinding Teeth for Headache Relief

There can be many causes of headaches. However, one we see quite often in our office is teeth grinding (also known as bruxism). Many people grind their teeth in their sleep without any awareness of it. Bruxism causes tension in your neck, face, and jaw joints, and is a leading cause of headaches. In addition, it can damage your teeth.

When you come in for your evaluation, Dr. Cody will look for signs of worn teeth, which can indicate a teeth grinding habit. If bruxism is causing your headaches, we can have a custom mouthguard made for you. We’ll take  impressions and send the specifications to our lab partner, who will then make the appliance.

Your appliance will:

  • Fit comfortably in your mouth while you sleep, keeping your teeth apart so that you can’t grind or clench them
  • Protect your tooth enamel against excess wear and tear
  • Lessen the frequency and severity of headaches

For headaches not related to bruxism, Dr. Cody can safely inject Botox into specific muscles. In particular, Botox relieves pain caused by migraines.

Bruxism can wear down your teeth, requiring additional treatment to repair the damage. We may need to place dental crowns or build up your teeth with tooth bonding to correct the damage and realign your bite.

If you’re ready for lasting relief, call Lift Dental today for migraine and headache solutions in Stillwater: 651-372-8444.

Common Questions About Migraine and Headache Solutions

What causes headaches?

There could be any number of reasons for your headaches, from stress to sleep deprivation to caffeine withdrawal to more serious, underlying health issues. You may also be causing them without knowing it if you grind your teeth or clench down on your jaw unwittingly. This is especially tricky to determine if you tend to do this while you sleep.

How is a migraine different from a headache?

Every year, there are more than three million reported cases of migraines in the U.S., so it’s more common than you might think. A migraine is a unique type of head pain that’s often far more intense and accompanied by other unpleasant symptoms like light and sound sensitivity and nausea. You may experience migraines that come with painful throbbing in one concentrated area of your head as well.

What are your migraine and headache solutions?

When you come in for your initial examination and consultation, we’ll go over your treatment options with you. They may include either a night guard or a splint worn while you sleep. Both of these appliances can be custom-made and will help prevent teeth grinding during sleep. Less teeth grinding means fewer and less severe headaches.

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