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Grateful to give back

Hi, everybody this is Dr. Sara Cody’s daughter, Bryn.  I wanted to talk about my experience with seeing and helping a girl with her teeth. It was an awesome experience to help someone with her teeth.  I was happy and grateful to help her out.  It was a lot of work. So what I think about seeing my mom working on that patient is that its a lot of putting things in her mouth.  Something came to me that stood out was it is a work out like an arm work out.

Lift Dental makes me and you happy with your teeth.  That’s why you should see what Lift Dental can help you with.

Sincerely, Bryn Likness age 9

Hello everybody!  This is Dr. Cody’s daughter, Kate.  I am here to talk about the amazing experience I was able to be apart of in my mom’s office.  My sister and I helped in a charity case and learned what my mom does every day, but it was even more special to be doing this for a wonderful human being that needed some help with her smile. It makes you feel really good to know that your helping someone to be the best beautiful version of themselves!  Also, it makes you feel happy when they walk out of the door smiling with strong might!

Lift Dental does not only fix your smile but wants to have that connection with you and the trust!

Sincerely, Kate Likness age 12

Giving back and providing smiles

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