If you or someone you love has been avoiding the dentist for years because of extreme dental fear it’s time to make an appointment for IV sedation dentistry in Stillwater.

Lift Dental explains that cavities and gingivitis won’t get better without treatment. In fact, without treatment your cavities will require more than fillings while your gingivitis will most likely progress to the more serious periodontal disease.

IV sedation dentistry works for all levels of anxiety, but that’s not all. It is also an excellent tool for patients who require multiple treatments during the same dental visit.

IV Sedation for Fear and More

According to Lift Dental in Stillwater, IV sedation dentistry provides patients with an experience they won’t remember. In other words there is no memory of the procedure.

Even after your treatment you won’t recall a thing. That is just one of the advantages of IV sedation for patients with dental phobia.

For patients having full mouth makeovers, IV sedation is the perfect remedy for more than one treatment in a single dental visit.

What is IV Dental Sedation?

The deepest type of sedation available from your Stillwater dentist, IV sedation dentistry delivers medication through your bloodstream.

During your dental procedure the team from Lift Dental monitors your vitals including your oxygen levels, blood pressure and heart rate. This ensures a safe experience for whatever treatment, or treatments, you are having.

Is IV Dental Sedation for Everyone?

The only way to know if IV dental sedation is right for you is to schedule an appointment with Dr. Sara Cody. Your Stillwater IV dental sedation dentist will be able to determine if you and IV dental sedation are a good fit.

Patients with high blood pressure and those who are overweight or obese should speak to a primary care physician before undergoing any type of sedation, especially IV dental sedation. Women who are nursing or pregnant and those with chronic alcohol issues should also talk to a doctor before proceeding with this type of dental sedation.

You Won’t Remember a Thing

One of the biggest advantages of IV sedation is memory. You literally will not remember anything about your dental procedure or procedures. This is awesome, especially if fear has kept you out of the dentists’ chair for years.

If you would like to learn more about IV sedation dentistry in Stillwater, call or send a direct message. The team is ready to give you the smile you deserve.

Schedule an appointment with Lift Dental today.

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