Eat & Smile Easily Again With Dental Crowns & Bridges in Stillwater

One of the best ways to repair damaged teeth is by using Stillwater dental crowns and bridges. Our team is trained and experienced in using these dental restorations to help our patients enjoy complete smiles once again. Here are a few reasons to seek treatment for damaged teeth from Lift Dental:

  • We use digital impressions, so you won’t have to deal with any goop in your mouth.
  • You’ll relax with our sedation options – laughing gas, an easy-to-swallow pill, or IV sedation
  • We have appointments available five days a week for your convenience.
  • You’ll feel at home with comforts like pillows, blankets, and heated aromatherapy towels.

If your smile is suffering, don’t wait any longer to make it right! Call Lift Dental today to schedule your no-obligation consultation: 651-372-8444.

Crowns & Bridges Make Smiles Like New Again

Dental crowns and dental bridges are the workhorses of dentistry. They can be used in a number of ways to repair and replace damaged and missing teeth. Crowns and bridges are usually made from porcelain because this material closely mimics the light-reflecting qualities of natural teeth for the most realistic look. It is durable and stain resistant too, so your crown will look and feel great for years.

Crowns are a single cap to cover one damaged tooth, while a bridge is made up of crowns on either end and one or more artificial teeth in the middle. To make your new restoration, we’ll take digital impressions using a Trios scanner, then send the specifications to our lab partner who will make your crown or bridge.

While crowns and bridges are an excellent restoration on their own, when combined with dental implants they can replace any number of missing teeth and protect your jawbone against deterioration. Without tooth roots to stimulate your jaw, your bone shrinks when you lose teeth. Implants function like tooth roots, keeping your jaw healthy and attractive.

Dr. Cody can:

  • Anchor a crown to a single implant to replace one missing tooth.
  • Use several implants to anchor a new bridge.
  • Use the innovative All-on-4® technique to secure a full arch of new teeth using just four implants. Unlike dentures, you’ll never need to remove these teeth for care or cleaning. Plus they’ll stay firmly in place thanks to the implants. It’s the easiest and most cost effective way to use implants to replace all your teeth on your upper jaw, lower jaw, or both.

To find out more about dental crowns and bridges in Stillwater, call Lift Dental today at 651-372-8444. We can’t wait to help you smile and eat more comfortably!

Common Questions About Dental Crowns and Bridges

How long do dental crowns and bridges last?

The average dental crown or bridge will last for approximately five to seven years, although your restoration may give you great performance for 10 years or longer if you maintain good oral hygiene and avoid eating foods that compromise it. We’ll be happy to provide you instructions on how to keep your crown or bridge fully functional for as long as possible.

How much do dental crowns and bridges cost?

Because dental crowns and bridges are used in many different ways, the price for your new crown or bridge can vary significantly. We encourage you to schedule a consultation so your dentist can examine your mouth and create a treatment plan. At that time, we can give you an accurate price on your dental repair.

How many teeth can a bridge replace?

The number of teeth that can be replaced by a bridge is dependent on several factors, including the number and condition of your remaining teeth. While it can be used to replace a single tooth, a bridge more commonly fills a gap left by two or more teeth. A conventional restoration is supported by crowns attached to the teeth that surround the space you want to fill. The more missing teeth you have, the more crowns will be needed for support. For added strength and to avoid altering healthy teeth for crowns, we can anchor a bridge to dental implants instead.

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