Talk about a great team, right?

We may be small but we are mighty and are ready to make a difference!


“If your actions INSPIRE others to DREAM more, LEARN more, do more and become more you are a leader!” -John Quincy Adams

This LIFT dental leader, Dr. Sara Cody, is passionate to surround herself with an exceptional, BIG-Hearted and humble team. She strives for personal and professional greatness and is motivated to encourage all to DREAM BIG and to be the positive change in this world! Her great drive and ambition allow her to accomplish all the daily tasks of a mom, wife, and business owner but watch her get caught in the moment of fun, laughter and good times!


Looking for an individual to push you to be better? Well, we found her! Tania, our dental hygienist, can motivate you to live a life of balance while focusing on what matters most. She values a healthy lifestyle, has great morals and provides exemplary compassionate care for our patients. Love her burst of energy and positivity especially at 7am! She is such a fun loving, cheerful person who brings out the best in everyone. Tania is a proud mama to 2 adorable, talented daughters. Just like their mama, these ladies will touch many lives and do great things to make this world a better place. You ROCK it!


There will be no boredom when this bubbly, fun-lovin darling enters the room!  Katie brings a new level of energy and drive to Lift Dental.  She believes everyone should wear a confident smile-watch her talk to you about trying out our trial smile!  Proud of this hardworking mother for going back to school and becoming a licensed dental assistant after 6 years of being home lovin on her kiddos.  So excited to watch her dreams unfold as she pursues going to dental school.  Don’t stop short of your dream girl!


That warm, welcoming voice behind the phone is our very own Mary Jo! Her calming demeanor and friendly smile will put you at ease as you are greeted. This awesome, humble lady has more gifts and talents than she will acknowledge. She is very creative, has an eye for fashion and décor, and has great attention to detail. Her wisdom and experience is unparalleled and her calming voice of reason resonates. Ask her sometime about her fishes.
You da best MJ!