LIFT Dental is a place where we want your smile to be Contagious, meaning a beautiful smile and happy teeth! You are probably thinking I work at LIFT Dental but I am only 9 years old and almost 10 but my Mom does, she started it on October 1, 2018. She has such cool things there, like a tooth whitener and it glows!!! It is blue when it glows!

My mom works 5 days/week and let me tell you she works hard. Sara is my Mom’s name. She works with two people, Mary Jo and Cayla, and those 2 are sweathearts! I love them so much and so does my Mom. Then there is my Dad. He is a big help to LIFT Dental. He is like their computer guy.

So if you need a little miracle, come to my Mom!

-Kate Likness