Maintain Your Smile With Oral Surgery in Stillwater

Dental surgery is sometimes necessary if you want to keep your smile in the best shape possible. Even though you may not want to think about it, oral surgery in Stillwater can play a big role in maintaining your oral health and a beautiful smile. If you do need a surgical procedure, you won’t go wrong by having Dr. Cody at Lift Dental perform it. Here are a few reasons why so many patients choose us for their dental surgery:

  • We offer a choice of three relaxing sedation options – inhaled sedation with laughing gas, minimal oral conscious sedation with a pill, or IV sedation.
  • You’ll feel at home with comforting amenities like soft pillows, cozy blankets, heated aromatherapy towels, and massaging chairs.
  • Dr. Cody and our staff are trained to listen closely to your needs and concerns, fully answering all your questions before any work is done.
  • We offer easy payment options, with outside financing available from five lenders, plus our in-house membership plan that can save you money on your treatment.

If you think you might need oral surgery, give Lift Dental a call today at 651-372-8444 to schedule a consultation. We’ll make sure you get the high level of dental care you need to keep your smile in great shape.

Enjoy Relaxing Treatment From Our Talented Team

No matter what type of dental care you’re here for, you’re certain to experience a relaxing visit. We work hard to make each patient experience the best that it can be. If there’s anything you need to feel comfortable, just let us know and we’ll try to make it happen for you.

Below are two of the most common types of oral surgery, both of which we perform in our office:

  • Tooth Extractions – If Dr. Cody isn’t able to save your damaged tooth, she will gently remove it to protect the rest of your teeth and gums.
  • Dental Implant Placement – Unlike some dental offices, we both place and restore dental implants right here. You can have your entire implant procedure completed in one location.

Keep your smile in great shape with Stillwater oral surgery from Lift Dental. Call us today at 651-372-8444 to schedule an appointment. You can also request an appointment online.

Common Questions About Oral Surgery

When would I need oral surgery?

Tooth extraction is often needed if a tooth is too damaged to repair or if it is damaging your other teeth. In some cases, you need to have teeth removed to make room for dentures or another dental restoration.

What can I eat after oral surgery?

We recommend that you eat soft foods and liquids for two or three days after your surgery. Yogurt, soup, pudding, ice cream, and protein shakes are all good choices. It’s a good idea to avoid spicy foods, acidic foods, crunchy foods, and tough-to-chew foods for a week or so.

When can I exercise after oral surgery?

For the first 24 hours after oral surgery, you shouldn’t attempt any sort of exercise. Doing too much too soon can cause problems. For example, strenuous exercise could loosen the blood clot on a tooth extraction site and cause a painful dry socket. After the first day, limit your exercise to low-impact activities for a few more days to be on the safe side.

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